Created in 2012 new website art-total.pl in place of other websites of W. Piętal (www.arttotal.pl/montmartre, www.arttotal.pl/hydepark) also includes those previous websites, but is more advanced and directed towards presenting cycles of art works (squares) 50, 60, 70, 80 cm, which are made in years 2010-2020. Besides that it includes new ideas - comparisions (relating to other authors of XX century), new feuilletons of author and statements of other authors (in hydepark section) in Polish language, and also previous literary works of W. Piętal in section other poems and songs.
In news sections are presented examples from other areas of art like sculpture and graphic, shown on exhibitions in recent time.

Dear Exhibitions Committee!

I kindly present three paintings by Włodzimierz Piętal (oil, hardboard, 50cm x 50 cm) and a reproduction of a Willem de Koenig painting entitled “Excavation” (1950).

Paintings by W. Piętal are inspired by various factors. Mostly their style is influenced by small-factor studios that have been painted for many years. They present architecture, portraits, landscapes, recently the average painting size is significantly larger then used to be.

Earlier inspirations include studies in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and especially influences from works of professors: Tadeusz Dominik, Jan Tarasin and Stefan Gierowski. Studies were finished in 1976 with an MA honor.

Another inspiring issue not to be overlooked is author’s vast interests in other forms of art, mainly music (classical, folk, independent), theatre and literature. Author also seeks for inspiration in other disciplines including archeology, paleontology and biology.

At young age, the author played accordion, and whilst 41, he was writing poems. Later on after a break, he again started writing poems while being 53 (satirical and not only), been also bound with folk music, starting from 2003.

A fusion of various art disciplines, not only visual arts, is an important issue for the author, which has been vastly determining his creative activity. Music is often used as a background for his exhibitions, also the literature, for example satirical poems joined with music.

Despite of that, the author says no to any form of sensation or flamboyance. He is mainly basing his work on classics, regarding paintings and other forms of art. Paintings shown herein are also inspired by works by Willem de Koenig (see: the reproduction), taken from early phase of creativity.

The pictures presented as much as others of larger sizes being currently painted are in a sense unique, they are made through the period of three to four years. Currently within a year, four pictures are made as 50x50, 60x60, 70x70 and 80cm x 80cm squares, apart from small factor, realistic or other themed studios, also various enhancements and continuation of large works spanning back up to 10 years.

Spontaneity and emotional engagement which is an essential ingredient of those “squared” paintings is largely implied from intuition, fortuity, various analogies, discovering things, also forms and associations seemingly outfit.

dr Adam Bystrzycki

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W. Piętal, listing of works

  1. “Rain Suite I”
  2. “Archaic Overture I”
  3. “Pre-Slavic Prelude”
  4. W. Kooning “Excavation”

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